10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

benfits of orange juice

Orange juice, as you may guess, is the juice squeezed from the delicious citrus fruit, oranges. It’s considered one of the healthiest beverages due to its wide range of health benefits, including its ability to prevent cancer, reduce signs of aging, boost immunity, detoxify the body, boost cellular repair and metabolism, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels.

benfits of orange juice

Oranges originated somewhere in Southeast Asia. These fruits’ historical records dated back more than 4,500 years ago. There’re some orange varieties, yet this is the sweet orange, the most popular variety. It provides the most delicious type of orange juice although certain people prefer the juice from mandarin oranges, blood oranges or even bitter oranges.

Orange juice can be as beneficial as consuming the fruit whole, provided it is purely natural and not loaded with sugar, additives, and preservatives. The pulp and skin of oranges have considerable health benefits, yet you can get most of the beneficial components and nutrients from orange juice as well.

Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Orange juice contains minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, copper, proteins, fiber, folate, thiamin, hesperidin, flavonoids, and a variety of minerals and vitamins that make it one of the most nutrient-packed and valuable fruits. Regarding calories, orange juice provides 47 calories in a serving of 100ml.

10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

1. Provides Vitamin C

By drinking at least two glasses of orange juice daily, we can boost the vitamin C intake. Since this is a vital vitamin that cannot be produced by the human body, it’s crucial to include as many sources of this vitamin as we can to protect the body against the impacts of free radicals.

Therefore, making orange juice a regular item in our diet can make sure we successfully fight free radical damage.

2. Prevents Cancer

Because vitamin C serves as an antioxidant, it likewise functions as a shield against many kinds of cancers. This is the reason why orange juice is recommended to keep healthy cells from turning into cancerous cells.

The juice also has hesperidin that is another crucial antioxidant linked to decreasing the growth of tumors. Though more studies are required before validating the effects of orange juice to prevent cancers, it is likely to avoid many kinds of cancer, especially colon cancer.

3. Boosts Immunity

Oranges are loaded with potent healing properties. This is why orange juice is given to people who are recovering from an injury. Because a single serving of the juice provides more than 200 percent of the vitamin C of the body’s requirement, it’s safe to assume orange juice in an effective way to stimulate our immune system.

The juice also has ascorbic acid that is one of the fundamental components of collagen. As collagen plays a vital role in repairing cells and for the growth of new tissues in the body, orange juice likewise helps to delay premature aging.

4. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Oranges also can reduce inflammation. High sugary and fat meals lead to the infection of many parts of the body. Because this also results in other serious diseases such as diabetes, it’s vital to tackle inflammation before it triggers other serious complications.

Research shows that orange juice is powerful to protect the heart and promote good heart health. Additionally, the juice also reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

5. Detoxifies the Body

Orange juice contains vitamin A that serves as a moderate antioxidant. Plus, the juice helps detoxify the body because it supports kidney functioning.

Vitamin A is also associated with good eye health. This is why orange juice is usually consumed with carrot juice to maintain good eyesight.

Drinking orange juice regularly likewise prevents the onset of various eye diseases like macular degeneration.

6. Supports Blood Circulation

Orange juice contains folate that is a member of the B complex family. It’s vitamin B9 which is crucial for the new cells development and the DNA creation.

Also, folate helps to guard your cells against being mutated to prevent the damage resulted in by free radicals. Because folate participates in the new red blood cells production and boosts the blood flow to the extremities, our body’s organ systems can work at their full capacity. When the body remains well-oxygenated, it will perform with more efficiency and fewer problems.

7. Eases High Blood Pressure

The antioxidant Hesperidin in the orange juice protects the body against various forms of cancers and diseases. Still, another function of this water-soluble plant compound is to make sure a smooth functioning of small blood vessels.

Consuming this juice regularly brings an overall positive effect on maintaining proper blood pressure levels. This activity reduces the likelihood of developing heart complications owing to elevated blood pressure.

8. Treats Rickets in Children

Rickets is a common condition among children. Since they have weak and soft bones, the various minerals present in orange juice can help prevent the rickets development in children. Drinking orange juice regularly likewise helps treat other disorders and relieve their symptoms.

9. Helps in Weight Loss

Orange juice is a part of many weight loss diets. It is widely used by people who want to lose weight naturally by avoiding artificial sweeteners.

10. Guarantees a Younger Looking Skin

Using this juice daily helps to prevent aging signs and keeps your skin younger looking. Plus, the vitamin C in orange juice protects the skin from damage resulted in by free radicals.

If you want to keep the freshness of the skin, turn to orange juice and say no to other beverages.