How to shrink drooping earlobes naturally at home with toothpaste

Drooping earlobes are major issues for women who love wearing earrings. It not only affects the appearance but it’s painful too. That is why in this today’s blog, we have a very effective remedy to shrink your drooping earlobes without surgery or stitching.

What causes drooping earlobes?

Earlobes tends to lose elasticity over time and this naturally causes them to droop and sag. Also, wearing heavy earrings for long period time or not taking it off while sleeping can lead to drooping earlobes.

How to shrink big ear hole size with toothpaste?

It is quite easy and simple. Effective and cost-efficient, toothpaste works wonder to clog your drooping earlobes.

Here’s how to use it

  • Take a surgical tape, cut a small piece and stick it to the back of the ear piercing hole.
  • Fill up the hole with adequate amount of toothpaste and let it remain overnight.
  • Then, wash with plain water the next morning.
  • After washing, apply moisturizing cream to avoid the drying effect of toothpaste.

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