10 natural remedies to get rid of puffy eyes instantly

puffy eyes home remedies

Puffy eye bags are definitely not attractive. Rather, they are signs of your poor health condition. It can occur as a result of aging or when there’s some kind of swelling. The tissues around the eyes become loose and weak with age. The fat that previously used to support the eyes can accumulate below the lower eyelids and result the puffiness. It does not usually indicate any serious health issue or require immediate attention.

puffy eyes home remedies

What causes puffy under eyes?

There can be many reasons behind you having the under-eye bags. They occur as a result of allergies, stress, hormonal fluctuations, fluid retention, crying, or a lack of sleep. Conditions such as a skin disorder, hypothyroidism, tear gland dysfunction, nephritic syndrome, etc., also contributes to the puffy under eyes.

If the condition is severe, you might need the supervision of a medical professional. Therefore, it is suggested to see a doctor in case of unease.

Puffy eyes are followed by following symptoms:

  • Saggy or loose under eye skin
  • Eye irritation
  • Obstructed vision
  • Excess tear production
  • Eye discharge
  • Redness of the eyelid
  • Eyelid dryness or flaking
  • Red and inflamed eyes
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Dark circles

What to use for puffy eyes?

Here in this article, I’ll be discussing with you some effective home remedies to reduce the puffiness below your eyes.

1. Reduce puffiness under eyes with Cucumber

Cucumber is filled with the goodness of vitamin C, caffeic acid (useful acid found in vegetables) and enriched with cooling effect. All these help in soothing your skin and giving it a sensation of relaxation, reducing the appearance of puffiness.


  • Cut a cucumber into small round pieces.
  • Keep them in the refrigerator for some time
  • Take 2 slices and place it on your eyes
  • Leave it for some 25-30 minutes.

Chilled cucumber will give you a cooling sensation and help you shrink the puffy tissues under eyes and also freshen up your mind. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber will naturally reduce the puffiness.

2. Milk home remedy for puffy eyes

Cold milk can be used as a great compressor. This can best treat the puffiness under your eyes.  This milk-compression method will help in water retention in your eyes. It would also provide a cooling effect to your puffed under-eyes.


  • Refrigerate some milk for some time
  • Soak a cotton pad in this chilled milk
  • Place it on your closed eyelids
  • Relax in that position for about 20-30 minutes.

3. Best treatment for puffy eyes using Potatoes

Enzymes like catecholase that help to reduce the water retention under your eyes is present in potato, making it an ideal natural cure for puffy eyes. Potato contains astringent property to help tighten the under eye skin. The starch content in potato reduces pain and swelling and makes the skin smooth and vibrant.  


  • Slice a raw potato into two circular halves
  • Refrigerate them for a couple of minutes
  • Place them over your closed eyelids
  • Leave it for about 15-20 minutes.

You’ll notice a visible change in the eye-bags as they’ll reduce in size.

4. Cure your puffy eyebags under eye with Tea bags

Tea bags can be really helpful for instant recovery from droopy eyes. It has been used from quite a long time as a natural remedy for treatment of under-eye bags. Caffeinated tea are rich source of natural tannins – a mild diuretic that is used for reducing eye puffiness.


  • Soak two tea bags in cold water and let them refrigerate for a while.
  • Then put the chilled tea bags over your closed eyelids.
  • Rest on your back with the tea bags on your eyes.
  • After 20 to 25 minutes, take them off the eyes and washing the area around your eyes with cold water.
  • Pat dry your skin thoroughly.

You will definitely feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the application of the remedy.

5. Egg Whites – a natural remedy for puffy eyes

Egg white are effective natural remedy for curing the inflammation around your eyes.  It tightens the skin tissues under the eyes and vitamin B present in egg whites promotes blood circulation.

The astringent properties in eggs reduces the inflammation and tones the skin while providing it with required nourishment.


  • Take a raw egg and filter out the egg whites from the yolk.
  • Whisk the whites for a few minutes.
  • Apply this whipped egg paste on affected area and let it dry.
  • Repeat the process for a second coat.
  • When dried, rinse off with plain water.
  • Repeat this process once everyday.

You can add a few drops of witch hazel for added benefits.

6. Aloe Vera for removing the puffiness around eyes

Rich in antioxidants, Aloe Vera is a great remedy for reducing puffiness around the eyes. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aloe Vera can also promote blood circulation and flush out the toxins from the body. It works effectively in reducing the under-eye swelling.


  • Cut a fresh aloe leaf and extract the gel out of it
  • Apply this gel on the affected area
  • Keep it on until dry.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Note: Be careful with the application. Try not to get it in your eyes as it may cause irritation.

7. Eliminate puffy eyes with Strawberries

Strawberries contain decent amount of alpha hydroxy acid which is good for your skin. It can help make your skin smooth, supple and young again. In addition to that, it helps reduce the appearance of baggy-eyes.


  • Take some strawberries and refrigerate them
  • Keep them there for about 30 minutes
  • Then take them out and slice out
  • Place the cut strawberry pieces over the eyes for several minutes.

8. Almond Oil under eye puffiness remedy

Almond oil can nourish your skin and rejuvenate it. It also corrects the imbalance cause by water-loss in the body. Almond oil helps keep the skin hydrated and well-moisturized.


  • Wash your face thoroughly before going to the bed.
  • Take few drops of almond oil and massage it thoroughly all over your face.
  • Focus majorly on under-eye area.
  • Let it dry naturally.
  • Wash off your face with plain water the next morning.

9. Get rid of puffy eyes instantly using Parsley

Parsley is 100 % natural ingredient that and can be easily used at home to treat your inflamed eye bags. It helps reduce the swelling under your eyes and adds luminosity to the skin. It is one of the every effective, economic and ideal skin care solution.


  • In a saucepan, heat a glass of water.
  • When the water starts to boil, add some parsley.
  • Then remove from the heat and leave it for 15 the 20 minutes.
  • When cooled, soak two cotton pads in this infusion and place them over your closed eyes.
  • You puffy eyes will disappear in some 15 to 20 minutes.

Parsley is a natural ingredient rich in anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce swelling. Vitamin C present in it helps maintain the skin and provide you with an extra vibrance.

10. Remove puffiness under eyes by using Cold spoon and Iced water

Cold spoon can provide instant relief from drooping puffy eyes. The chilled spoon gives the sensation of relaxation to the eyes.


  • Take some ice water and dip 4 steel spoons in it
  • Let the spoons chill for some time.
  • Use two of them on your eyes. Place them above your closed eyelids.
  • Switch the used spoons with colder ones and repeat the process for some time.

Puffy eyes can be quite irritating and stressful to live with. It gives you an elderly impression and also affects your appearance and confidence to be in your skin.

This is not a common condition that affects everyone. Sometimes it is there simply because of the genetics. While on other times, it can be because of the unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

In order to remove them from your eyes, follow the above mentioned home remedies. Since these are natural treatment methods, you can use them without any obligations. Try them out, and drop your experiences in the comment section below.

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