How to Wake up with Perfect Healthy Hair – 5 Hacks to Protect and Sleep on Your Hair

sleep on your hair

Do you wake up in messy hair? Have you tried all but still couldn’t wake up with healthy manageable hair? It might be because you aren’t taking good care of your hair before sleep!

Along with a good night’s sleep, a proper hair care routine is vital to maintain good health of your hair. That is why in today’s blog, we have listed 5 hacks that are very simple yet we overlook so many times maybe because we didn’t know about it. But after reading this blog, you’ll definitely be following it from tonight!

1. Gently comb your hair before bed

Combing hair before bedtime is often overlooked while this is one of the simplest ways to protect your hair. It helps to detangle and distribute the natural oil produced on your scalp to your overall hair. However, be gentle and kind while you brush your hair to prevent any hair breakage.

2. Give your scalp a nice massage

Massaging your scalp before bed is not only relaxing and aids in good sleep, it also has several benefits to your hair. A quick scalp massage leads to healthy scalp that leads to healthy hair.

It improves the blood circulation in your scalp that aids in healthy hair growth. 

3. Avoid sleeping on wet hair

Your hair is more fragile when it’s wet. Sleeping on wet or damp hair can actually damage your hair as it breaks easily when you toss and turn at night. You’ll also be left with uncool waves or crinkles while sleeping on wet hair. So, avoid a late night shower or consider taking shower a few hours before sleep and make sure to dry your hair completely. Alternatively, you can opt for taking showers in the morning or day time.

4. Avoid tight buns, ponytails or braids

Sleeping on tight hairstyles increase tension and strain on your scalp which isn’t a good sign for healthy hair. This eventually weakens the root of your hair and results in hair fall. So, keep your buns, ponytails or braids as loose as possible. Tying your hair helps to get rid of tangles and creates less friction that prevents hair breakage and split ends. 

Moreover, when you sleep on a braided hairstyle, you’ll be left with beautiful curls in the morning. Thus, you shouldn’t rely upon curling irons which could further damage your hair due to heat.

avoid tight bun

5. Use a clean satin or silk pillowcase

Silk or satin pillowcases are your hair’s best friend. Their smooth fabric is keen for your hair which helps to maintain natural oil and prevent unwanted dryness and damage. Other fabrics such as cotton tend to be rough that creates friction which could lead to hair breakage while you toss and turn at nights.

Our hair tends to undergo various processes such as rejuvenating, healing, repairing and growing while we are asleep. That is why it is essential to take correct steps in order to get that flawless hair in the morning.