How to get rid of tangles in your natural hair

detangle hair

Are you facing trouble brushing the hair due to the knots and tangles in it? How many combs have you broken because of this? Tangles in hair are exhausting, right? It hurts bad and result in hair loss too. However, with proper care and knowledge, hair tangles aren’t that hard to deal with. Wonder how? Keep reading!

detangle hair

What causes knots and tangles in the hair?

Here we list some major reasons that result in hair tangling.

  • Going to sleep with wet hair creates tangles. Hair is quite fragile when it’s wet and hence it can get frizzy causing hair knots. Also, it’s best to sleep tying your hair up (braiding is also a good option) because sleeping with your hair down causes tangles.
  • Not brushing your hair on daily basis causes knots in the hair  
  • Not trimming your hair for long duration leads to split ends and frizzy hair, making it dry and tangled.
  • Frequently using blow dry and other heat styling tools will break your hair shafts creating friction which as a result forms kinks in the hair.

How to prevent tangles in natural hair?

Here we list some best tips to detangle natural hair which will not only ensure to preserve it from breaking but also improves the overall health of the hair.

1. Easily detangle with hair conditioner

Whenever you feel your hair is just unmanageable due to knots and kinks in it, simply wet your hair and apply generous amount of conditioner to your hair. Doing this will make your hair slippery and easy to detangle. Gently brush your hair off to get rid of any tangles with conditioner on. And also after washing it off, detangling is still easy as the after effect of conditioner makes your hair smooth and easy to brush out.

2. Consider finger detangling before using a brush or a comb

Use your fingers to gently pull apart major knots that you feel in the hair. For this, take small section of the hair and pull the hair apart with your fingers and run your fingers like a comb in the hair. Doing this will ensure to ease combing/brushing hair with a comb or a brush afterwards.

3. Use wide toothed comb and detangle in sections

wide toothed comb to detangle hair naturally

Whenever you comb your hair to detangle, remember to use wide toothed comb as it helps to remove kinks without pulling your hair much. And before your start brushing the whole hair at once, remember to separate it in small sections. Combing one small section at a time will help to detangle effortlessly.

4. Start detangling from the end of the hair

Always start detangling from the ends of the hair and not from the middle or root of the hair. For this, hold the end of your hair with one hand and start combing to detangle with another hand. Once done, move an inch above and start detangling again. Continue detangling by moving inches above till the complete section is detangled.

5. Detangle before and after shampoo

Brushing your hair before shampooing is recommended as shampoo tends to make the hair stick together making it hard to detangle. Then after shampooing, use adequate amount of conditioner for easy detangling.

6. Rinse off with cold water

At the end of the shower, always use cold water to wash off your hair as it helps to close your cuticles that helps to prevent any hair breakage, improves blood circulation to the scalp and reduces hair frizz.

7. Do not be harsh with towel

The more you rub or twist your hair vigorously with towel after shower, the more possibility of hair breakage and cuticle damage resulting in frizzy hair, splits end and knots. Despite, gently squeeze your hair with microfiber towel and let it dry naturally.

So, how have you been dealing with your hair knots? Hope these tips come handy to help you detangle your hair. And always remember to be gentle while detangling cause going fast or rough will cause nothing than more damage, pain and breakage. Treat your hair well and you’ll look awesome always!